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“After our day together our team seemed more in-tuned with each other and a bit more unified and interested in what the groups have going on as opposed to focusing solely on their individual work group tasks. nyerőgépes online játékok All of them agreed what a good outing it was. We have had a few of these over the years, and this was definitely the best. It was very fun and informative. tippmix élő eredmények Considering they had no choice but to attend, you kept their interest and made it enjoyable and the day flowing. Past sessions were described as -‘a total waste of time’, ’stupid’, ‘how boring’. You listened to the information I provided and what our desired outcome was and tailored (no pun) the day around that instead of giving us a one-size fits all program. That was appreciated and much more productive. It really was a pleasure working with you.”

Joleen Barstow
Emergency Preparedness
Exelon Nuclear