Personalized Performance Coaching for Executives, Teams and Individuals

Jeanne McClellan is a certified business coach and registered with the World Association of Business Coaches. With a background in adult counseling and forensic psychology, Jeanne asks the right, and sometimes hard, questions that facilitate your personal and professional growth. Jeanne specializes in communication skills enhancement and leadership development.

Coach / ‘kOch / n. (1)one who gives private instruction, who prepares others to meet their individual or group goals; (2) one who serves as an ethical, confidential, objective, external sounding board for individuals who want to focus on and reach real goals in real time;

As your coach, I work with you to meet your goals, to advance your career, to excel in your performance, and to maintain your job satisfaction. Coaching is an organized process that I taylor just for you. The process is simple. We work together to outline your goal. We set specific, realistic steps that will get you to that goal. Along the way we explore various approaches to personal and professional success that will work for you. And then you experience the “thrill of success” as you reach your goal and the satisfaction that comes from a job well done!

Jeanne has been described as “refreshingly candid” with a “forthright (yet gracious) approach”.

Jeanne is a certified administrator for the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, a personality assessment tool, and the Highlands Ability Battery, a career assessment focusing on natural abilities.

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