High Performance Team Building

J. Taylor Consulting incorporates organizational development practices, experiential learning techniques and process intervention skills into a program guaranteed to revitalize any team. This form of team building can be presented as an enhancement to a corporate training effort or it can be customized to work in cooperation with a company’s in-house training program.

Participants are taken out of their standard frame of reference and asked to engage in activities new and different using the same skills – cooperation, teamwork, communication, trust, decision-making, creative problem solving – that are required for success in their workplace.

Key Objectives

  • To revitalize teams by…
    • Identifying their barriers to communication, cooperation, and effectiveness
    • Opening their minds to new ideas, roles, and possibilities
    • Trusting, communicating, cooperating and having fun
  • To re-energize individuals through the experience of…
    • An increased sense of community
    • The strength of working in teams
    • The satisfaction of a job well done
  • To provide a foundation of skills that will support sustainable change in…
    • Improved quality management
    • Increased customer satisfaction
    • Improved employee morale
    • Increased productivity


Outdoors or indoors, at your location or a retreat/resort center, High Performance Team Building is based on your specific needs and desired outcomes and designed around activities and initiatives that are metaphors for your work environment. Tasks are designed to increase in intensity from basic to complex and, depending on the location, can include low and high ropes outdoors adventure activities.