Interactive Skill Building Workshops

Capital investments are a necessity for all businesses. According to Thomas Smith, author of Intellectual Capital, there are 3 types of business capital: structural, vendor, and, most importantly, human. People are the hidden, most valuable form of capital available to any organization. Like the other forms of capital, human capital must be searched out, invested appropriately, and managed consistently.

People development is a requirement for those organizations that choose to succeed in today’s volatile markets. Maintaining high-quality skills creates value to all customers and provides employees with the confidence to succeed as contributing members of the organization and as individuals.

Key Objectives

  • To provide the basic skills necessary to succeed in today’s ever-changing workplace
  • To promote an interest in learning
  • To increase skill competencies, build team commitment and support all workers in the pursuit of personal and professional growth


Research supports the understanding that the most effective learning occurs when information is varied in its presentation. Each session in the Skills Enhancement series is highly interactive allowing learners to hear, see and experience the information that relates directly to individual and team needs in their workplace.

The topics listed here can be scheduled as single sessions or as part of a comprehensive program which includes personal assessments, classroom lessons and interactive workshops. The Interactive Skills Enhancement Series is designed to create and maintain a personal spirit of pride, confidence, and achievement that will transfer to performance in the workplace.