Workshop Topics

  • Anticipating and Thriving on Change
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Conducting Meetings Skillfully
  • Conflict ~ Catalyst not Catastrophe
  • Creating and Delivering Powerful Presentations
  • Customers and You – the Ultimate Relationship
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Delegating for Action
  • Developing Flexible Schedules
  • Dialogue ~ the Next Step in Effective Communication
  • Facilitating with Confidence
  • Fierce Conversations
  • Inciting to High Performance
  • Interviewing Skills; Getting the Right Person for the Job
  • Managing Administrative Personnel
  • Managing Your Time with Style
  • Motivating for Success
  • Negotiating for Results
  • Personal Growth and Effectiveness
  • Seeking Solutions that Work
  • Skills for Teams
  • Succession Planning
  • The Art of Mentoring
  • Uncovering Customer Needs

and…The Power of Leadership Series

In today’s rapidly changing organizations the leader’s ability to think strategically, visually, intuitively, and globally determines the strength of the organization. This series of workshops provides techniques and practices specific to each level of leadership:

The Senior Executive who provides: vision, motivation, support and momentum that achieve outcome excellence by…

  • Making Decisions with Impact
  • Planning Strategically
  • Anticipating and Thriving on Change
  • Solving Complex Problems
  • Analyzing Key Performance Indicators
  • Maximizing Innovation
  • Building Synergistic Teams
  • Coaching for Results
  • Dealing with Ambiguity
  • Planning for the Future

The Executive who balances daily operational responsibilities with the larger goals of the organization while remaining focused on the future by…

  • Communicating with Precision
  • Leading through Change
  • Creating and Analyzing Key Performance Indicators
  • Leading through Change
  • Creating and Analyzing Key Performance Indicators
  • Creating and Delivering Powerful Presentations
  • Building High Performing Teams
  • Delegating with Confidence

The Professional who interacts directly with the front line of operations and often provides hands-on participation to get the job done by…

  • Processing through Difficult Situations
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Managing Change
  • Supporting Key Performance Indicators
  • Prioritizing/Planning/Producing
  • Creating Teams
  • Coaching for Excellence